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2022-05-29 10:44:34 By : Mr. Ray Zhao

LONDON , March 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Eskute, a fast-growing e-Bike company, will launch four new e-bike models in March, including two "Polluno" city e-bikes and two "Netuno" mountain e-bikes. The new models are slated for release in the European region in mid-to-late March.

The Polluno city e-bikes, 28", are ideal for urban commutes and everyday use; while the 27.5-inch Netuno mountain e-bikes suit a variety of terrains and trails. Both models are available in an "M" mid-drive motor or "H" rear hub motor option.  

"'Eskute' is derived from the Portuguese word 'escute', which means 'to listen'. Similarly, the inspiration of our new models' names is also from Portuguese: Polluno comes from the Portuguese word for the planet Pluto, and Netuno is inspired by the Portuguese word for Neptune and the Greek God Poseidon. As the farthest planets in our solar system, Neptune and Pluto represent the long distances that our vehicles can travel. Furthermore, Polluno combines the words 'pollution' and 'no' to highlight Eskute's support and promotion of environmental protection," said Alan, CEO of Eskute.

The H-Polluno and H-Netuno build upon Eskute's highly popular rear hub motor series with upgrades to the display and power. Both e-bikes now feature a vivid LED screen, as well as a new speed sensor, improved performance, and longer riding range. For its mid-drive series, Eskute has upgraded motor functions with an improved 80 N.m maximum torque sensor in the M-Netuno and a max. ≤ 65N.m torque sensor in the M-Polluno.

Eskute's latest e-Bikes sport an enhanced appearance that looks great on the street and the track. Retro and elegant, the double-tubed design has been removed from the Polluno's frame, with only the down tube remaining as a connection to the battery. This minimalist frame ensures all riders retain lightness and elegance when mounting and dismounting the e-bike. For the Netuno, Eskute has kept the edgy double-tubed design and added a slight bow shape in the top tube to inject vitality in an otherwise rugged style.

The new e-Bike models also boast significant improvements in battery performance with a new 36V/14.5Ah Samsung-core battery and 42V 3A charger, which cuts down charging times by at least three hours compared to previous models. Plus, with improved battery waterproofing and water-resistant inner cable designed bike frame, Eskute's new e-bikes offer a smoother, safer ride in all conditions.

All 2022 e-Bike models are certified and manufactured in strict compliance with European CE quality and safety standards. In addition, Eskute is fully confident in its production quality and shipping capabilities despite global logistics and supply chain challenges. Every Eskute eBike purchased in 2022 will come with a two-year warranty, 15-day refund period, and guaranteed delivery within five to eight working days. The new models are slated for release in the European region in mid-to-late March and will be priced starting from €1,299 (£1,199).

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Founded in 2019, Eskute is a fast-growing e-Bike company born from the idea to provide customers with a sustainable means of transportation at an affordable price. The company currently has a factory in Poland that can supply products to the warehouses in the UK and Poland , and provides 5-8 days fast delivery within Europe . As it expands, Eskute plans to enlarge the factory in Poland to ramp up production and offices in several cities in Europe soon.