Police Report: Auto Theft, Shoplifting, Car Break-ins and Credit Card Skimming Active in Village

2022-12-03 18:41:34 By : Ms. Daisy Zhang

Stolen car: A $58,000 2022 Ford Explorer was stolen from its Brookby Road driveway Nov. 4. The owner reported the keys had been left inside.

Shoplifting A Heathcote Road jewelry storeowner reported a theft occurred inside the store on Nov. 2, when a woman shoplifted two earrings, valued at $180 and $35 each. Drainage Chamber Cover

Police Report: Auto Theft, Shoplifting, Car Break-ins and Credit Card Skimming Active in Village

Car break-ins On Nov.1, a Stratton Road homeowner reported security cameras recorded an unknown person attempted to open the door handles of two parked cars the previous night. The cars were locked, however, so entry could not be made. The suspect left in an SUV.

Two suspects wearing black hoodies fled a Brookby Road garage after being observed by the homeowner at 6:15 a.m., Nov. 4. It was discovered that one of two cars in the homeowner’s driveway had been entered, and the car’s garage door opener was missing. The suspects also stole a bag of change, valued at $250, and a spare set of car keys.

A Lyons Road resident reported someone rummaged through his unlocked car and through some of his neighbors’ unlocked cars Nov. 4. Nothing was reported as being stolen.

Identity theft On Nov. 1, a woman who has power of attorney for her Lebanon Road parents reported that someone fraudulently washed and cashed a check, originally written the Village of Scarsdale for a tax payment, against her parents’ account. The check had been written in April and was never received by the Village. Instead, another person cashed it in their own name but did not alter the amount of the check.

On Nov. 2, a caller asked police to meet him at East Parkway and Christie Place. There, he reported someone had attempted to open a fraudulent bank account in his name.

A woman reported several fraudulent checks for $2,500 were written against her Fox Meadow Road mother’s bank account Nov. 3.

Trespassing On Nov. 5, a Barker Road woman reported she saw a white BMW parked outside her house and observed a Hispanic woman wearing a pink top, dark cargo pants and white shoes in her backyard. The woman spoke with the trespasser who said she had been using the bathroom at the Weinberg Nature Center and stopped to admire construction on the house. The trespasser asked for a tour of the house, but the woman declined. The woman also advised that she has a portable toilet on her property for construction workers to use, and this toilet is often used by passersby without her permission.

Scam Police determined a Walworth Avenue woman received a scam call from someone alleging to be her daughter who then claimed she was in trouble Oct. 31. On Nov. 2, an Olmsted Road man received a similar scam call, alleging his daughter was being held hostage. Police called San Francisco police and determined the daughter was in good condition and not in any danger.

ATM skimming The manger of a Popham Road bank reported that the bank’s ATM machines had been shut down remotely because the machines detected that someone attempted to lift their lids, allegedly in an attempt to installing a skimming device to capture card data Nov. 1. Apparently the attempt was not successful, as a technician examined the machines and determined no devices had been installed. However, on Nov. 5, a maintenance technician working on the ATMs at the Popham Road bank reported a skimming device had been found on one of the bank’s ATMs. Police removed it and vouchered it as evidence.

Domestic matters On Oct. 31, police were and called to a domestic incident on Copper Beech Lane and, after interviewing all parties involved, arrested David. G. Metsch, 34, of White Plains. Metch was charged with aggravated harassment involving communication intended to annoy or alarm. He was released on his own recognizance and ordered to appear in court on Nov. 9.

An Edgewood couple called police because of a domestic matter, in which the wife claimed the husband was yelling at her, and the husband claimed the wife was slamming the door Oct. 31. Upon arrival, patrol found the wife to be sleeping and the husband to be on the phone.

Suspicious A woman reported a man sitting by a railing near the St. Pius parking lot told her he wanted to show her something while she was out walking Nov. 2. He left in a black Honda Accord and was described as a dark-haired Hispanic man in his 30s.

Death A 96-year-old Mamaroneck Road woman died at home Nov. 1.

Help Police removed keys left in a Fox Meadow Road front door and placed them in the garage as per the homeowner’s request Oct. 31. A Park Road homeowner alleged that a four-foot section of his Halloween lights had been cut Oct. 31. He wanted police to document the incident.

A parent asked for help in locating his daughter after midnight Nov. 2. The parent said the daughter’s car was parked in a Mamaroneck Road driveway. Police knocked on the door of the house and spoke with a resident who reported the daughter was inside the house with the resident’s son.

A caller was concerned about boys playing “dangerously” on playground equipment on Palmer Avenue Nov. 4. Police went the to the playground and did not observe any dangerous behavior. Nevertheless, police cautioned the boys to play safely and not engage in dangerous behavior.

Civil matter On Oct. 31, a Palmer Avenue woman complained about a neighbor’s plans to build a shed neat the property line. Police advised that an application to build the shed had been submitted to the Village and was awaiting review at the end of November.

Pedestrian struck On Nov. 4, a 52-year-old Garth Road pedestrian was struck by a car, registered to a White Plains driver, at Garth and Popham roads.

Cars and roadways A driver flagged down patrol because he thought he had been involved in an accident with another car on Post Road Oct. 31. Police determined the driver had not been in an accident but instead had struck the curb, causing damage to the front wheel.

A Con Edison dump truck reportedly damaged Berkeley Road walkway stone and grass Oct. 31. Patrol informed the truck driver and the driver said he would make the necessary repairs.

Police issued citations to drivers of cars parked in front of a fire hydrant on Old Lyme Road Oct. 31.

A driver of a car parked the wrong way on Old Lyme Road was issued a summons Oct. 31.

A 2021 Mercedes-Benz with scofflaw status, due to unpaid parking tickets totaling $1,160, was found parked on East Parkway Nov. 1. Police identified the car and called for it to be impounded.

Two drivers drove the wrong way on Boniface Circle and Spencer Place, making the streets impassable Oct. 31. Police closed the roadways and provided traffic control to assist in clearing the situation.

Police assisted a driver whose car suffered two flat tires on Heathcote Road Oct.31. An accident involving a sanitation vehicle was reported on Palmer Avenue Nov. 1. The sanitati0on backed into a construction vehicle parked in a driveway while the driver was conducting official duties.

A parked car was struck on Heathcote Road Nov. 1.

A driver struck multiple deer in Greenburgh after midnight, causing damage to his car, Nov. 2. He reported it to Scarsdale police who referred him the appropriate jurisdiction.

On Nov. 2, police issued summonses to a Bronx driver whose car was observed on East Parkway with illegal window tints and flat tires. The driver was also determined to be unlicensed due to previous suspensions and lack of insurance.

A crosswalk sign had been moved into the roadway on Fenimore Road Nov.3. Police put it back in place.

Con Edison construction plates were shifting on Griffen Avenue Nov. 3. Con Edison was called to correct them.

A car with scofflaw status, due to unpaid parking tickets totaling $560, was found parked on Depot Place Nov. 3. Police identified the car and called for it to be impounded.

On Nov. 4, police issued summonses to a Pelham driver who was determined to have a suspended registration after her documents were checked during a traffic stop for speeding on Mamaroneck Road.

On Nov. 4, police issued summonses to a Yonkers driver who was determined to be unlicensed after his documents were checked during a traffic stop for a burned-out headlight on Mamaroneck Road.

Work trucks were improperly parked on Stonehouse Road Nov. 4. Police asked the workers to move the trucks.

Police and firefighters checked out an overheated car on Church Lane Nov. 4. A mechanic was called to address the issue.

Police asked a high school official to make an announcement for students to move cars parked in a two-hour lot on Wayside Lane Nov. 4.

Police helped a driver change a flat tire on Morris Lane Nov. 4.

A caller reported hearing cars rev their engines on Mamaroneck Road after midnight Nov. 5. On Nov. 5, police issued summonses to a Westbury, NY, driver who was determined to have a suspended registration, suspended license and an expired inspection after his documents were checked during a traffic stop on Weaver Street.

Police helped a driver change a flat tire on Secor Road Nov. 5.

A caller complained of a couch placed at the curb for sanitation pickup Nov. 5. Police noted the call and informed the sanitation department.

Police notified the highway department about a loose manhole cover on Heathcote Road and placed traffic ones around it in the meantime Nov. 6.

Westchester County police advised that two men were in a physical altercation on the Bronx River Parkway Nov. 6. Police went to scene, but the drivers were no longer there.

Police noted that they removed “unsightly debris” from Mamaroneck Road and Crossway Nov. 6.

Three car accidents were reported in the Village this week.

Kids On Nov.4, police dispersed an unsupervised youth party on Axtell Road after residents complained of teens in the road and unsafe driving by teens in the area.

Animals Police shot two sick raccoon on Barry Road and Birchall Drive and disposed of them at the sanitation department in the interest of public safety Nov. 2.

Police removed a dead raccoon from Fairview Road Nov. 3.

A loose dog was reported near Edgewood and Barry roads Nov. 4. It was no longer there when police arrived.

An Autenreith Road woman said she found a loose dog and was holding the dog in her yard for safekeeping so it could be reunited with its owner Nov.4. Unable to identify an owner, police called New Rochelle Humane Society for pickup. Later the owner called police who informed the owner of the dog’s location.

A girl attempted to pick up a loose “neighborhood” cat that roams the outdoors, and the cat attempted to bite and scratch her Nov. 4, she said. She said the cat did not break her skin. No one in the neighborhood could identify the cat’s owner.

A Hampton Road resident reported a bird was stuck in his backyard volleyball net Nov. 6. Police advised to call a wildlife trapper to help release the bird.

Village code Police removed signs illegally taped to poles on Depot Place, Bypass, East Parkway, Griffen Avenue, Weaver Street and Mamaroneck, Secor, Wynmor, Parkfield, Fox Meadow, Murray Hill, Stratton and Post roads Oct. 31, Nov.1 and Nov. 2. They also removed yard signs located in the Village right of way on Carthage Lane, Greenacres and Walworth avenues, Morris Lane and Ferncliff, Mamaroneck, Heathcote, Saxon Woods, Dolma, Oakstwain, Jefferson, Old Lyme, Cooper, Chesterfield Swarthmore, Nelson and Colonial roads this week – or asked for these signs to be relocated. Neighbors complained of a “grinding” noise coming from Fox Meadow School Nov. 1. A custodian determined the sound was coming from a defective vent on the roof. He said he would address the noise.

Garbage consisting of a broken Halloween prop, costume and suitcase was left by the curb on Cohawney Road Nov. 2. Police discarded it after the homeowner said it was not his.

A leaf pile was obstructing a fire hydrant on Morris Lane Nov. 3. Police issued a summons.

A leaf pile was obstructing a fire hydrant on Sheldrake Road Nov. 3. The homeowner Halloween debris was left at the curb of a Springdale Road house Nov. 4. A neighbor complained, so police asked the homeowner to place the garbage out at the appropriate time for collection.

Police issued summonses to landscapers using gas-powered leaf blowers on Lyons Road Nov. 5.

Police informed a Penn Boulevard resident that neighbors complained of noise, and the resident turned off loud music Nov. 5.

A Paddington Road man reported someone dumped yard debris in front of his house without his permission Nov. 6. Police asked highway works to pick up the debris.

Lost and found On Oct. 31, a Woods Lane homeowner reported losing two license plates somewhere in the Village.

On Nov. 1, a Barry Road woman made an official report about a $7,600 gold bracelet that she reported lost on Nov. 1.

A Morris Lane resident reported lost license plates, sent to the DMV by mail but allegedly never received, Nov. 1.

A passerby found a set of keys at River Road and Walworth Avenue Nov. 3. Police identified the keys as belonging to a construction worker and returned the keys to him. A wallet was found on a Heathcote and Wilmot roads’ sidewalk area Nov. 4. Police identified the owner through a Scarsdale library card found inside the wallet. The owner was tracked down, and police returned the wallet.

Firefighters Firefighters advised a management agency to address a leaking sprinkler on Saxon Woods Road Oct. 31.

A malfunctioning hot water heater released smoke an carbon monoxide in a Harwood Court building Oct. 31. Firefighters shut down the device, ventilated and advised the building superintendent to call for service. An un-ignited pilot light on a range was releasing gas in a Saxon Woods Road building, causing a gas odor Oct. 31.

Firefighters identified the problem, ventilated the structure and advised to call for service.

Firefighters detected elevated carbon monoxide levels in a Dell Road garage Oct. 31. They found a car with a warm engine in the garage, ventilated and advised on safe garaging practices.

Responding to an odor complaint in a Richbell Close house, firefighters detected sewage gas in the garage. They advised to have a plumber verify the integrity of the sewer traps. Con Edison was called to investigate all gas connections as well.

Firefighters assisted at a car accident on the Bronx River Parkway Nov. 1. The water department was notified about a leaking hydrant on Kingston and Brewster roads Nov. 1.

On Nov. 1, firefighters used a garden hose to extinguish an oversized fire in a Normandy Lane fire pit.

Firefighters assisted at a car accident on Weaver Street Nov. 2.

An electrical power strip was causing a burning odor inside a Paddington Road house Nov. 2. Firefighter removed the power strip and advised to call an electrician.

Firefighters assisted Greenville Fire Department with a structure fire on Central Avenue caused by a fuel line rupture linked to a boiler malfunction Nov. 3.

Firefighters disconnected a battery inside an overheated car on Church Lane Nov. 3.

Firefighters informed an East Parkway business owner about an unsafe condition involving propane tanks stored on the sidewalk without any crash protection Nov. 3.

Firefighters assisted Greenville Fire Department with a kitchen fire Nov. 3. A Village HVAC system malfunctioned and caused burning odor at the public safety building Nov. 4. Firefighters shut down the system, and a technician was called for service.

Firefighters assisted at car accidents on the Bronx River and Hutchinson River parkways Nov. 3.

On Nov. 3, firefighters conducted a home safety inspection and assisted a Lenox Place resident install smoke detectors.

Firefighters helped a resident on Alida Street gain access to the house after being locked out Nov. 5.

This report covering police and fire department activity from Oct. 31 – Nov. 6 has been compiled from official information.

Police Report: Auto Theft, Shoplifting, Car Break-ins and Credit Card Skimming Active in Village

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